Food gardening board a possibility?

The season is winding down here in NY, but it’s always gardening weather somewhere. :slight_smile:

Gazing at my dwindling tomatoes and herbs, only the chard can’t stop itself from robust growth.

I would put in a vote for a gardening board. I didn’t plant too much this year, just a few tomatoes and herbs. But I’ve been thinking about indoor gardening this winter. Does anyone else grow anything edible indoors over the winter? I was just reading about growing sweet potatoes and harvesting the shoots for salads and the like.

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done! i made a combined category with ‘food raising’ as well, since e.g. Backyard eggs is quite popular these days.

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I would need to set up something in my basement; radiator heat is so incredibly drying, plant leaves turn into something like kale chips in this house. I do manage to keep some herbs alive in my kitchen, absent its own radiator, that’s about it.

I’m dying for a Meyer lemon tree, just no way to do that without major effort, I think. I’d love to keep up a supply of yellow and green maters all winter if I could, the fast producing grape and baby romas I grew this year. That might be very achievable, good idea!


I know a gardening won’t be very active in HO. But it’s easier to group all the posts under 1 board than to do search or to post in everywhere, is there a possibility to have the board back?

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