Food Fight Rectangular Fish: Luby's v Cleburne Cafeteria Houston

We were not far from Cleburne Saturday and having not been since before the turn of the century(sounds weird does it not.) Having eaten only a couple of hours before we, I decided to drop in and get the fish since I remembered that I liked it in the past.

It was 4 pm and being an off hour it was fairly crowded with families and the usual cafeteria compliment of oldsters.

They had way too much food out for the crowd at hand and hence the fish was cold and dried out. We also sampled the fried catfish which likewise was cold and a batter that was not crispy and falling off. The tartar sauce was just ok.

We didn’t sample any veggies, like I said we’d recently eaten and this was a de facto fish finding mission. A sign said they go daily to the farmers market, a term thrown around too often for me, all the vegetables are out of season or not from here, I’m guessing Grocer’s Supply.

The desserts were huge and made in house and could feed 3-4 , I did a double take at the prices 3.85- 4.95. The restrooms were palatial and rocking Paul Simon’s “Kodachrome.”

Luby’s destroys in a nutshell. Even at off peak hours they only put out no more than six hunks of fish, the same as peak which still has less customers during peak hours so the fish is always hot and fresh, they often run out and a new piece is delivered in less than 5 minutes.

Luby’s has far better tartar sauce and will gladly give plenty to go in small containers and much better prices.