Food deals for furloughed federal employees - winter 2019 USA

I don’t know if any HO’s are federal employees having a tough time economically during this situation but most of us in the US probably know someone who is.

Let’s create a resource list of Restaurants and Grocery stores that are providing help just for this situation. Places such as food pantries which are designed for providing aid let’s keep off the list since they are easier for those in need to connect with.

Please note geographic area in your post!

My intent is to provide help not to get into a political discussion. The how and why of this situation are discussed in many other venues. Let’s just focus on getting food to people who need some help!

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Location - Eastern US (Georgia north to NJ iirc)

Lidl grocery store
Sat. 1/26 and Sun. 1/27
$10 off $40 purchase excluding alcohol, etc.
Present Federal government employment ID

(Cut & Paste from email recieved 1/24 from Lidl)

" In order to help furloughed federal employees

in our local communities, Lidl will be offering $10 off an eligible purchase of $40 or more on January 26 and 27 for those employees impacted by the shutdown. All you’ll need is your grocery list— show your valid federal government employee ID at checkout to get this discount. If you have personally been affected by this, please stop by as we know times are tough."