Food and Restaurant News of Interest in Dallas-Fort Worth

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I’m not sure why this is in the Kansas City Star… but…

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I have a friend who goes to Ellerbe Fine foods in Fort Worth several times a month. He posts photos and it looks great. But I have never been to Fort Worth!

Mr Lamb has been a couple of times recently for biz and likes Lucille’s, which - strangely- specializes in lobster dishes. Live lobsters in tanks.

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I’ve lived in FW two times for brief periods in my career, in 1970 and again later in the 70s. Always liked the city (brother went to TCU). Stopped in for a one night stay ca. 2004 while on a road to Oklahoma to eat at two places, Kincaid’s, a legendary hamburger place out on Camp Bowie, and a place downtown famous for its CFS. Probably both gone.

Never heard of Helms but have heard of Greenberg. I guess the moral to the story is get your turkey orders in early.

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It’s been hard to miss this story lately. The Chron has been running stories. DMN has been telling Dallasites about how HEB moved into Houston in 1992.

Oh. The Excitement. Oh. The Thrill.

I hope Dallas survives this :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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A new grocery store opened in the Metro-plex today and some folks were a little hyped up about it.

Media from all over the state covered it.

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Didn’t HEB shut down the bbq offerings at stores here in Houston?

This is kinda funny. HEB sure knows how to stoke HEB fever. Their flash frozen wings ARE very good as that teen in the first article says. haha.

The big HEB at Bunker Hill had the in-store BBQ. I guess it wasn’t a big seller, it was moved to the new big HEB in Huntsville, which opened to a similar hysteria.

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When it first opened, the San Felipe and Fountainview store had BBQ, but it didn’t last long. I didn’t try it but my brother said the brisket was dry.

And that’s an unforgivable mortal sin.