Folios cheese wraps

New product at Costco that I found interesting.
Anyone try these? How would you use them?

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What springs to mind is mustard with Black Forest ham, perhaps a bit of lettuce or cucumber for crunch. Rolled, as pictured.

Sounds delicious. I scrambled eggs and rolled them inside the wrap.
I think these have potential w the torch, like a quick mac and cheese using the wrap over cooked pasta…and torching the cheese.

Yes, a lot of versatility, I’m thinking pesto with them too, fresh and roasted veg. Will give a mention to the GF people I know. The low carbers should love them too. The baked crispy crust as pictured looks interesting, but think I’d cut into smaller rounds and make into appetizers in mini muffin cups. Baked, the fricos, as I think they’re called?? can get pretty salty for my taste, so less is more on that account IMO.

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Good ideas. I didn’t find them salty…at least not saltier than reg parm. These are sturdy and roll nicely. Way lighter than veg wraps.

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