Flushing Maxi's Noodles

Great breakfast before a matinee of Company. 2 noodle soups, both with dumplings. Mine had wontons and Kay added fish balls. 2 iced coffees and 2 of the lemon & grape drink, and fried fish skins.

The noodles were quite fabulous as was the broth. Dumplings were very shrimpy and no pastiness. Wontons were juicy. But best of all were the fish balls. Spongy and chewy in the best of ways.

The fish skins were a touch odd but addictive. But the order was too huge. The server let us know we could have added some to our soup order and just would have got a few.

The coffee was the best we have had in flushing: strong, slightly sweet and milky and very icy. The grape drink was so addictive I needed another.

$53 but $20 of that was drinks. We will be back. Thanks to Dave who recommended it at the food crawl.