Flour,water,salt,bread Darien Ct.


Not much to report,but might as well try to resuscitate this board.
I tried this place ,Yesterday. I got the last loaf of bread,and not much else was left - one baguette and a few turnovers. Be forewarned - the place is pricey, but it was one of the best breads I’ve had. I’m usually not a big fan of sourdough, but this one had an excellent flavor. The crust looks well done and is fairly thick , with a good crunch and chew to it. The inside was fluffy,but compressed when chewed and held up well. Kneaded bread is much closer (for me) and far larger choices, but F,W,S,B was far better. They close at 1pm or when they run out. Would definitely recommend them.


(Jimmy ) #2

A winning combo right there!

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(Gwenn) #3

Sounds great, Rich!! I saw it written up on CT Bites. I’ll have to get there.