Flour + Water Pizzeria

I thought there was already a topic about Flour+Water Pizzeria in here but I can’t find it. This pizzeria is in the old Farina Pizzeria space on a corner of Valencia and 18th. Farina was evicted from this space a couple years ago. Flour+Water Pizzeria is a pizza focused restaurant from the Flour+Water folks. They are walk-in only and also have a take out counter where you can get a slice of the day which is apparently about the size of half a pizza.

I went to the sit-down part of the restaurant on a Sunday. They have red and white pies on the menu. I had the sausage pizza from the red pie section ($19). Good pizza. The crust was pretty thin and a good mix of crispy and soft interior. Really good crust. Not too chewy. Nice char. It was topped with loose ground sausage, some green briny Castelvetrano olive bits, and some smoked mozzarella that added a little of a smoky flavor. If I had one complaint it would be that the toppings were kind of laid on a bit thick in some spots. Probably meant for sharing, I was pretty full afterwards.


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