[Florida, Homestead] A fruit expedition and a lunch stop

We drove down to the Florida Keys from West Palm Beach today. After seeing a short video about an exotic fruit stand a few months ago, I really wanted to pay it a visit.

But in my research, I also found out about the Fruit and Spice Park in Homestead. It’s something like 35 acres of fruit, vegetable, spice, and nut trees. Admission is $10 and you are allowed to eat anything that has fallen on the ground. We sampled the star apple, mulberries, bananas, bilimbi, and a strawberry flavoured tree fruit.

We were hungry at this point and searched for tacos. Very close by was Taqueria 5 Hermanos Food Truck. Located next to a BP gas station, there was plenty of shaded seating, which blocked the sun but not the roar of passing cars and trucks.

The menu had tacos and burritos, with soup, tostadas, and plates too. Very few non meat options, I saw a salmon plate. My SO had a chicken burrito, and I had asada and al pastor tacos.

Burrito was pretty plain, with just shredded cheese, lettuce, tomato, and beans. The best part was the chicken itself: very flavourful, dark meat, served in its own juices. The tortilla was actually quite tasty, I usually hate flour ones.

My tacos were fantastic: good char on the asada, both meats seasoned nicely. Three salsas came with our meal, all with a decent heat.

Total was about $16 including a bottle of water, before tax/tip.

As for the fruit stand, there’s been lots written about Robert Is Here on lots of sites. I’m glad I went because the stand and the man are quite unique. We bought jaboticaba, mangoes, star apples (white ones sweeter and more fragrant than the purple ones), and tried a canistal-strawberry smoothie ($9).


Thanks for the tip on the taco truck, Eric. I’ll try to grab one or three in December when I’m back in the Keys.

Do you plan to get to Key West? Lots of good places there reviewed on my blog