Florence Restaurants

Looking for 4 dinners in Florence (Spring 2023). Previous favorites inlcuded Taverna Branzino, Buca Dell’Orafo, Pandemonio. No specific requirements except that must be able to make a reservation (and good food). Thank you!

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My favorite in Florence is Da Ruggero. Its well outside the center, so very popular with the locals, and the same family owns it for generations. Its a simple trattoria that does all the Tuscan classics well. Easy to make reservations by phone. They speak English.


Thank you! I remember this name from chowhound discussions. Love that is outside of the center, and open sunday for dinner to boot!

info is definitely on point for me since thats exactly where I was aiming for my main meal in Florence (there one night only) for my March trip, thanks for the reinforcement!!!

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The Cibreo family of restaurants remain favorites. We’ve also come to love Enoteca Pitti Gola e Cantina. Their wine tasting lunch/dinner menus are particularly good values, and the anecdotes that accompany each wine delivered by owner Edoardo are priceless.

That place is on my radar. We are arriving later in the evening and I was thinking grabbing late dinner there. Will they accomodate a group of 5 do you think?

I also remember people really liking Zeb on Chowhound. Any recent experiences?

It’s a small place but I think it’s doable. They can set a table in the wine cellar, which I think could accommodate 6 and would be fun for a group. Email them (see web site).

I’m going in the spring as well!