[Flesherton, Ontario] in the Grey Highlands

Flesherton has at least 4 interesting food spots, a lot of good spots for a little town.

This was my second visit to Flesherton since Feb 2022.

The Bakery of Flesherton closes at 4 pm on Saturdays.

Unfortunately, I arrived at 4:15 pm this past Saturday. :rofl:

I could have sworn I posted about my turkey sandwich from the Bakery of Flesherton in Feb 2022. I must have posted on Instagram and Twitter instead of HungryOnion.

The Bakery of Flesherton on Instagram

I picked up some taleggio, champagne cheddar, excellent Genoa salami, and organic Spanish sweet paprika at Artemisia Cheese Shop, which is open until 5 pm on Saturdays.

Jonathan Gushue’s new restaurant, The Gate, is on the same block as Bakery of Flesherton and Artemisia. 14 Sydenham Street.

The Gate on Instagram

I also stopped at a Highland Grounds, a general store with coffee and some baked goods, where I purchased a cherry pie for $16. It is a pretty good pie. Maybe not worth a detour, but a good pie for $16.

Highland Grounds’ Facebook Page


A good friend of mine lives near Flesherton… she loves the Gate!

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