Flemming's Steakhouse Vorhees, NJ

I was down in the middle of no-where NJ last night and I passed this place on Rt. 73 and made a mental note to hit it on my way out for dinner.

Arrived around 7:30pm the place was crowded, it is located on the highway, connected to a Bonefish Grill. I have since learned that Flemmings is owned by the same parent company as Outback and Bonefish so the location makes perfect sense now.

Place was pretty packed, typical steakhouse appeal, I seated myself at a high top table around the bar area. Service was prompt, I ordered a colossal shrimp cocktail and a CAB NY Sirloin Steak side of creamed spinach. They brought me a bread basket which I declined so I can’t give any feedback on that, the shrimp cocktail followed shortly there after. While being $18.95, the shrimp were colossal and there were 5 to the order…so $4.00 per shrimp is pretty average and they were very good.

The steak came out cooked a prefect medium and it was very good. However it is listed at CAB 140z @ $50.95 was pretty pricey if you ask me. They had a wagyu on the menu however it was 12oz. and $54.95…being my first experience I didn’t know if I could truly trust them to be serving true wagyu so I passed. The steak was very good, but at $50.95 that’s NYC Prime Aged steak prices, not CAB rt. 73 Vorhees NJ. (Nothing against the fine people of Vorhees)

Overall I wouldn’t stop from going back, but you have to go with the understanding you are paying premium for not-so-premium product.

Pretty extensive wine menu and wines by the glass…I looked it over while waiting to order.

fleming’s with ONE m. :slight_smile:

same owners as pf chang’s as well.

restaurant access to american wagyu is fine – you’d be getting the real deal there for sure.

that is typical steakhouse pricing, which is to say, through the nose. wine mark-ups are outrageous as well, yet these places are ridiculously popular everywhere. i swear they are best suited to those who want a “fancy” night out but without “fancy” food – or, ya know, food that needs an actual chef and not a consultant in a corporate kitchen developing items for “unit consistency”.

BUT! fleming’s does offer a 5-6-7-happy hour deal that includes their prime burger for $6 + drink and app specials. THAT is well worth it!

i worked for 2 different high-end steakhouse chains and they are essentially all the same.

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Well if they want their name spelled correct they shouldn’t use such a fancy font.

The apps, wine and sides were charged pretty fairly for this type of a steakhouse, the steak though at $51.00 for the size and grade was 10%-15% higher than compatible. $40 - $45. would be appropriate in my opinion.

Funny as I go to the website to check their online menu I notice it says “Prime NY Strip 16oz” but I would swear the menu last night did not say “Prime”. I remember because only certain steaks were indicated prime, certain were aged, others not, it took a few minutes to figure out what exactly you were ordering. Perhaps the “prime” grade varies according to location(s) for the Strip.

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most of these chains have very little menu variation from location to location. the target demographic is businessmen with an expense account, many of whom travel, so your menu in voorhees will look the same as mine in boston.

mon-thurs payments will be 80+% expense account amex.

beef commodity prices have gone through the roof in recent years and steakhouses have always buffered that cost with $12 baked potatoes. they pay about $6-7/pound for se asian shrimp so your app cost the place about $3 + pennies for the cocktail sauce and shaved ice.

usually their martinis are HUGE so a good value, lol.


Yes I’m fairly familiar with steak houses and their margins.

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