Flavor profile of Hummus

I have used other brands and after reading all the love for Soom I finally got it at Kalystuan’s instead of through amazon, not sure if it was the tahini or the recipe itself but i do know this is the only hummus recipe i will be making now. Check here

Trock , I like this recipe . Is it worth to cook dried garbanzos as in small h’s recipe, or just use the canned ones with your recipe ? Any difference in taste ?

That’s what my mother would do when I would complain about the baking soda flavor. I need to purchase a pressure cooker one of these days. Witnessed a pressure cooker mishap once and it’s still etched in my mind.

Thanks! Found a couple stores close by that carry it. Maybe for research purposes you could use inferior tahini and then you’d know if it was the recipe or the tahini.

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I use the same recipe smallh posted, from Zahav.
You really do have to cook from dried, makes a huge difference in getting a creamy smooth texture - i just soak my chickpeas fri pm and at some point while fussing around the apt i cook them on sat and make the hummus (a double batch!).
Honestly the hummus becomes the main dish for at least one or two meals- topped with olive oil and a dusting of sumac. Raw veggies and pita for scooping

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Olive Oil

I’m not big on tart flavors, so I tend to prefer less lemon juice in my hummus.

Have not yet purchased the Soom. Was happy to find this tahini at Trader Joe’s if only because it tastes much fresher-made than tahini I usually purchase. Made in Greece.

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I always soak overnight in salted water and then it’s 10-15 min in the pressure cooker to get very soft

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