Flavia's Cucina Romana, Asbury Park

Today’s APP features some new restaurants, including Flavia’s in AP, which reminded me that I hadn’t posted about it yet. I was treated to dinner there by a friend (whose husband was in Italy visiting family at the time). It’s a (RARE in these parts!) BYO, so that’s a good start as far as we were concerned.

We shared broccoli rabe, sautéed artichokes, cacio e pepe, and fettucine Amatriciana. The artichoke (side) dish was excellent and the sides were generous portions. Pasta is very tasty and perfectly cooked, but I prefer bigger flavors - for example, a bit too much restraint on the pepper in the cacio e pepe for me - and yes, I ate it multiple times in Rome and elsewhere so I know this was made with a ‘light’ hand. There was only chocolate gelato available and since that affected two of the short list of desserts and neither of us has a raging sweet tooth, we passed. I love the ability to BYO and look forward to sitting at the bar overlooking the open kitchen for apps and wine next time because I do think it’s worth another trip.

The article today quotes the owner saying she wants her customers to feel like guests in her home. We had decent service (a rarity right now) but we certainly weren’t getting the ‘guest’ treatment that a couple of tables of (obvious) friends/family were. I didn’t feel like we were fully ignored but we probably only saw the waitress once aside from ordering and had to flag someone else down to get a water refill.

The space is beautiful but could use some soundproofing so if you’re sensitive to that, fair warning. I’d bet that when it’s full the noise level will make it difficult to hear dining partners. I’d say they were at half capacity and it wasn’t an overly rowdy vibe the night we went, so the volume wasn’t bad.

Curious to know if anyone else has been and what your experience was like.