[Flatiron, NYC] Grandma's Home

I, too, liked Hakka Cuisine quite a bit and was planning a return.

BUT: Not sure if this has been mentioned here, but five of us were unanimous last week in our positive opinions about the new-ish GRANDMA’S HOME, 56 West 22nd Street. Food similar to Shanghainese but from the province just to the west: HANGZHOU.

Little spice and on the sweet side…as I am a big fan of Shanghai food (and the city, itself) I was pleased to learn of this restaurant. Handsome decor (does not matter to me…bring me great food in a garage and I am happy!). Service attentive and staff willing to guide and explain… Fellow diners mostly 20s-30s, generally a happy and non-pretentious atmosphere.

We took our cue from the EATER article and added a few additional dishes and, as I mentioned, the five of us would be eager to return. SOON!

If anyone wants to. know more, what we ate, etc…just say the word…

I’ve been out of the country so much in the last few years (mostly to Spain, a few trips to southern Italy/ Sicily) that I am quite behind on what’s new and interesting in NYC.

Grandma’s Home rings a bell. We had dinner in the Xiamen store prepandemic. Enjoyed the setup, service, menu and the food itself. All around good package.

Just took a peek at the NYC menu price and got a bit of sticker shock. We had 6 courses + beer and rice for around USD$23, in 2019.

Thanks for bringing this up. Will be in Hangzhou in two months for the first time. Will try to hit the OG location.


Very interested in what y’all ate and your thoughts. Thanks!

GG: I will be happy to report on the dishes we had. I’m not at home now and so do not have the bill at hand. Give me 12 days or so and I will go over each dish.
There were no “bad” dishes, although some were better than others. In particular, I loved the tofu skin appetizer and could have had that dish, alone, for dinner. I took home the leftover scallion noodles and was so happy to have them the next day for breakfast.

Six of us were each VERY happy with the restaurant and the bill was moderate considering this was midtown Manhattan and the food was that good. Servings were not as generous as they might be in the less “fancy” Flushing places we used to visit often but we did not have to schlep out to Flushing!

Will return again; we all agreed on that point.


Welcome back from Spain, Erica!
Hee! Hee! My first few meals upon returning from Europe were ALL Chinese too!
We also HAD a ‘Grandma’s Home’ branch here in Toronto. Sadly, they weren’t able to survive and sold to a Japanese Premium AYCE sushi outfit! Sigh!

Charles seeing you here always puts a smile on my face. Just as you say, I get such a craving for Asian food once I return home from Spain or Italy. And I know now, NOT TO EAT OYSTERS…I may be off them entirely after your (sad) report!!

! More details when I get back home and find the bill listing all the dishes we had…

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