Flatbread in Fremont/Hayward, East Bay -- Remember the news segment?

A number of years ago (at least 6), I watched a news segment about wonderful flatbreads made/sold in a grocery store in Fremont or Hayward or some other East Bay Location.

Do you remember, or can you recommend any good spots where I can buy flatbreads?

I recall it was CBS Sunday Morning on one of their annual food shows, or perhaps 60 Minutes.

I’ve searched, think it might be Damavand in Fremont, but am unsure.

Anyone remember or can steer me in a good direction?

Might it have been bolani from East & West Gourmet Food? They are stuffed flatbreads.


I’ve seen them at farmers’ markets and sometimes at Costco.

Whole Foods too I believe.

Damavand Market, 37013 Towers Way, Fremont has the Afghan flat bread made fresh, might get it Hot!

Here’s the transcript from a 2007 CBS Sunday morning feature on novelist Khaled Hosseini (The KIte Runner). It mentions a local market whose flatbread kept him connected to Afghanistan, but does not identify it. Perhaps it was evident in the original video. This may be what you are thinking about.

" In Fremont, Hosseini’s Afghan roots run deep. A cousin owns a rug store and dried goods from Afghanistan fill the aisles in a local market, where fresh flatbread is baked daily. his two worlds, says Hosseini, fit together easily."

It’s not the Bolani. Familiar with those. These are plain flatbreads, baked fresh and hot.
They come in large rectangular sheets.

I think this is the spot. Thanks!

That’s it! Good digging! Appreciate the help and the quote.

New afghan bakery in Union City and it has fresh baked afghan bread + bolani kabuli on their menu:

L’Aziz Bakery + Eatery

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Market stall in Lima
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