Flashback: Obama in Chinatown Remembered [SF}

(Gary Soup) #1

Just to set the record straight:

Both Eater SF and Hoodline, in articles about Z&Y’s upcoming new venue across the street, are re[porting that President Obama once stopped at Z&Y for takeout. This has become an urban myth. Obama did NOT stop at Z&Y for takeout. He went into Great Eastern next door and ordered dim sum to go. His car was parked in front of Z&Y and several photos showed him in front of Z&Y when he was returning to his car. Z&Y plastered some of the pictures on their front window, creating the false impression that O had stopped there.

As Herb Caen once commented, nostalgia ain’t what it used to be, but I still cherish these 2012 photos of Obama at Great Eastern, especially #6, which depicts some Chinatown ayi grab-ass action.


Haha! #6 is great! Thanks for sharing.

(Junior) #3

In other words what you are saying is; “Fake News”!!! lol (sorry)

(For the Horde!) #4

Yep. His photos are still on the Great Eastern window. Not sure… where the Z&Y news came from.

Unfortunately, probably a misleading photo like this one…


Who remembers Bill Clinton at The Slanted Door?

Which Asian eatery would Trump’s motorcade stop at? Jollibee??

(Gary Soup) #6

Z&Y has that photo on their own website.

(For the Horde!) #7

I think so.
I think Trump will like whichever Asian eatery has the closet resemblance to McDonald. Jollibee is up there.


Fun story, and pictures. (Yes, #6 is priceless.)

Oh, for the days when our leaders knew what dim sum is…