Flaming Hot Cheetos bagels are a thing



You’ve got to be kidding me!! lol (suggest cross posting this to the NJ board too!)

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Have you seen their other flavors?

Captain Crunch
Fruity Pebbles
Cocoa Puffs
Cinnamon Toast Crunch
and of course normal ones.

They ship also, but luckily for me they’re about 45 minutes to an hour from my house.

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I knew this couldn’t be an actual nyc bagel shop before i even read the story.
How terrifying/wrong/blasphemous!!

:scream::dizzy_face::scream_cat::-1: That’s just not right . C’mon man .

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But then again you could take the two halves and toast them . Spray each with cheez whiz , top with crumbled tortilla chips and some guacamole , and a thin slice of jalapeno . :smirk:

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I think I’m in love with you…


Stew Leonard’s makes a cheddar bagel. Taste wise it is passable
when toasted what there is of caramelized cheese on the exterior
gets better. The consistency however, kills it … gummy, heavy mess. I wonder if
the Cheetos bagel has actual cheese in it?

It only has Cheese Toes…
(thank you! thank you! I’m here every Thurs afternoon!! Don’t forget to tip your bartenders and waitresses)


LoL :laughing:


There’s a bagel chain here that makes cheese bagels and jalapeno cheese bagels, where cheddar cheese is sprinkled over the top and bottom of the bagel before they bake it. It gets nice and brown, but if you toast the bagel before eating, the cheese gets slightly crispy and nutty. Really good with cream cheese.

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There was a place called My Favorite Muffin (a play on the TV show My Favorite Martian). They made these awesome cheese bagels where the flavor was not only in the bagel, but then a slice of cheese was melted over top.

I’m definitely going to get a Flamin Hot Cheeto bagel. I can’t stop thinking about it.

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