flaco (East Hollywood, CA)

I first heard and read about flaco from LA’s own purveyor of all things tortilla, fried, soft, and in-between, LA Taco.

The early word on flaco was that it was a carnitas-only taqueria that blended traditional Michoacán cooking style with LA verve.

So when flaco was finally up and running in early November with a brick-and-mortar place in Hollywood it was time to pay a visit.

The carnitas tacos are indeed very good – soft, supple and succulent the piggy meat was, with caramelized bits of this-and-that, as well as nice amounts of pork skin strewn throughout, as if the entire cradle of piggy meat was the marbled fat found in A5 Wagyu.

But you know what really makes this place stand out? Cuz, really, you’re in LA. Carnitas, and I mean good carnitas, can be found as easily as someone telling you In N Out fries “suck”. No, it’s not the carnitas that makes this place stand out (although like I said, the piggy meat is very good), but what makes this place notable is something called “garlic candy.”

What’s garlic candy, you ask? Well, it’s garlic that’s been confit-ed.

How, you say?

Well this is how. The owner (Steve Livigni) confits garlic cloves in the tub of carnitas that we were just salivating about, above. Yes, garlic confit, in pork juice, ahem, pork fat

Go. Just go.

5652 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, California 90028, US

picture not mine


Damn that garlic!

I would personally call up Billy at El Momo and reserve some of the migajas then top it with that garlic confit! Buy some tortillas at flaco too. Support 2 business that way! And maybe get a mulita at El Momo while I am at it.

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Hi @ipsedixit,

Wow. This sounds amazing! :blush: Thanks for the rec. That Garlic Candy as well!

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