[FL, Orlando] Ethnic Restaurants

Don’t know if we’re using the term “ethnic” anymore but I wanted to start a new discussion about Orlando FL restaurants that don’t serve traditionally American food such as BBQ, Pub Food, etc.

Here are 3 of my favs and I’d be interested to know if they’re still open.
The Apna Bazaar has a very informal “food court” with a phenomenal Moroccan restaurant called Moroccan Breeze. Best Moroccan food I’ve ever had, including in NYC and Paris.
The Tagines and Cous-cous are to die for. The people who run it are lovely and helpful. End the meal with mint tea. Not sure if they’re open for dinner, only been to lunch.
To the right there is an Indian stall that makes great Dosa. They serve it with coconut chutney which is nicely cooling in the same way as raita.
**The food court is in the back of this small mall. When you enter there is an Indian market on the left and we always stop on the way out to stop up on ingredients. It’s very busy at Friday lunch because it is the traditional prayer day for Muslims. Unless you’re going to pray at the Mosque, which is to the right as you go in, maybe give Fridays a miss.

My other local Orlando “eth” is Prato in Winter Park. Very, very good high-end Italian food.
They do Northern dishes and the pastas are remarkable. I know they’re still open. The pasta with the mustard/balsamic vinegar is amazing and the gnocchi is celestial.

The pizzas are good - always seasonal ingredients.
Sitting at the bar and tasting from their excellent Italian wine list is a great way to get to know the offerings and the staff. They have free valet parking which is key in Winter Park because of the limited parking.