Five pounds of crawfish for 17.49

Frozen, from Egypt, at Kroger.

Who eats these things?

It’s been slow around here so I thought I’d stir things up.

Mmmmmm!!! Crawfish Shawarma with sesame tahini sauce. I think I saw that on the menu at Droubi’s once.

Ever tried dipping your crawfish tails in hummus? Or serving with falafel? Or stewed in molokia? I bet that’s the way the Pharaoh’s liked their mudbugs.

Didn’t realize it is crawfish season along the Nile this time of year.

On another note, I saw a new tamale place on W. Bellfort near the old Westbury Square, I may try to fight the traffic over there in an hour or so and pick some up for supper.

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Sounds like you’re in denial.

Egypt! For REELZ! Here in Crawdaddy country???

Fried is how I like em. If they’re boiled they need to be right out of the pot and hot and I’m outside at a party.

I used to always order the crawfish fried rice at China Garden. Long long ago in a far away era, I was enslaved to a company that paid a bonus in the form of a summer evening called raquetballarama/foodarama night. Those who played, played, then we all went to China Garden to see how many bottles of Tsing Tao could be emptied during a feast. I think the record was in the area of 120.

Lambsy, for REELZ, whole ones. They also had Chinese tails to add insult to injury, not priced from a company called Burton’s as were the Egyptians. A quick thought, do Egyptian crawfish walk like an Egyptian?

Here’s a real life fried crawfish tale/tail, pun intended. Some friends of mine and I were at Pappadeaux SW Freeway and I was enjoying a half fried half etouffee. I was about to ask for a to go box for my just over half eaten meal when a manager came by to see how everything was. We both glanced at my plate at the same time and spied a small chunk of glass that looked like it came from a coke bottle.

My meal comped, a full order to go plus a 25 dollar gift card which I used to mostly pay for a lobster dinner.

Winner winner crawfish/ lobster dinner.

We all joked about bringing some throw down glass the next time.

Ah racquetball, I destroyed at it in my 30’s and could play for hours without a break. My surgeon says this and all the sports I played is why I have two fake joints. I wouldn’t change anything.

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“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold

Market stall in Lima
Credit: TXMX 2