Fist of Flour Pizza -- Laurel District, Oakland

I tried two slices from this storefront this week, and I thought the pizza was pretty good. Crust was thin and crispy, and I liked the simple and light tomato sauce. Both slices were re-heated in the pizza oven, and then topped w/ fresh basil.

I don’t have much to compare it to, but taste-wise, this is the best slice of pizza I’ve had in Oakland. Price is a bit steep at $3.75 per slice for pepperoni.

Has anyone ordered whole pizzas to go? How are the crusts with just one bake?

What style of pizza are theirs?

I live close by and have gotten their pizza delivered several times (though now I think they’re using a service instead of their own guy). It’s one of my favorite in Oakland, and the crust was nicely chewy, and quite thin. I’m very picky about my crust, and I really like theirs. I’ve had their mushroom/sausage and a few others, all have been good. It’s a more traditional/California style, not greasy and light saucing and cheese. Their whole pies are pricey, but large, and if you order on Tuesdays they have a good deal.