Fiskie's Cafe - near UMass Boston

Fiskie’s is an isolated cafe restaurant inside the Harbor Point Apartment complex a short walk from UMass. Harbour Point is the unofficial dorm of UMass Boston and houses maybe 600 students. The whole complex has one retail locale, which has a dry cleaner, a convenience store and Fiskie’s Cafe. To even enter Harbour Point, you must pass a gated security checkpoint.

UMass Boston is very international and Fiskie’s menu caters to hungry young crew of Arabs, Indians, Chinese and Americans alike. Fiskie’s is the real cafeteria. Subs, wraps, pizza, steak tips, kabobs, everything. However, they feature Chinese food and it’s unlike anything else in Boston. The cold Wuhan duck specialities are marinated wings, feet, necks and heads, with varying degrees of hotness. I chose the spiciest, the heads. For $10, I gnawed on 4 duck heads split in half. Aside from the brain, you can eat your way around the face and some parts of the base of the head. Gives new meaning to the term “duckface”. I dare you to do a selfie with it. Another specialty is Wuhan sesame noodles, more savory than sweet and saucey. They also do some noodle soups, probably not Wuhan, and a la carte Malatang (Sichuan hot pot).

It’s a pretty interesting place, open for 2 years. On their website, they have a “Wall of Fame” and a “Wall of Shame”, winners and losers of their food eating challenge of 4 burgers and a half pound of fries. One of my friends was on it, which is how Fiskie’s came to my attention a while back, but I only got to it last week.

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wow, cool find. thanks!

sup anon6418899 glad you could make it over.