Fisherman's Wharf Press Release Reveals New Food Venues [San Francisco]

Have you always wanted to go to cheese school? The San Francisco Cheese School will be relocated to Ghirardelli Square, according to this press release announcing new “curated” tenants for Fisherman’s Wharf. Key points of the document are in this section (emphasis mine):

Jefferson Street newcomers include Supreme Crab Restaurant, Buckhorn Grill, Carlo’s Bakery, and San Francisco favorite, Lefty O’Doul’s, which will be relocating from Union Square. New PIER 39 tenants for 2018 will include The Flyer, The Plunge, Wahlburgers, and Build a Bear Workshop. Jamestown Properties, managers of Ghirardelli Square, are infusing major local appeal into the area with the district’s first-ever brewery/restaurant, San Francisco Brewing Co. (opening April 27, 2018), which will transform a 12,000 square foot space in the former chocolate factory; Palette, a dim sum restaurant from the team behind Koi Palace, Pico Mexican restaurant, Subpar, an indoor 18-hole mini golf course, and The Cheese School of San Francisco.



Wow, when’s the last time a Hofbrau (re)opened in SF?


Lefty O’Doul’s is reopening? Cool! I’ve only been there once or twice - a friend’s theater company did a fundraising pub crawl that hit Lefty’s, Tunnel Top, and a couple of other places, and I’ve probably also stopped in there for a beer when I was nearby, but it was sad to see it go away.