Fish Urban Dining Asbury Park Location

I noticed that @Rosie had posted a review about the Ridgewood location (I assume same owners) so I am posting this about the Asbury Park location.

I’m a little last posting this as I was there last weekend, just been very busy not much time for web based fun activities. (beyond my facebook political rants, but this isn’t the time or place for that)

Anyway…there were 4 of us and we had 8pm reservations on a Sat. night. The place was busy, but far from packed, we could have walked in without reservations and been seated I’m sure. This location is another old bank, with the vault still in tact, and private dining room inside. Nice bar area…decent lay out, nicely spaced tables etc.

Service was good and prompt…we ordered a few appetizers which included fried calamari, shrimp cocktail, oysters, shrimp and grits. The oysters were (I forget their origins) but were excellent ($3. each) and the shrimp cocktail were 3(? maybe 4 but I think only 4 we got two orders)) shrimp but colossal however it was $19. The calamari itself were excellent fresh and lightly fried, however paired with an odd garlic aioli sauce, didn’t pair well in my opinion (recurring theme of the night) the shrimp and grits were “good” but again the sauce did little to compliment the dish. Also the grits were served like a rice ball…all clumped together with the shrimp and sauce poured on top, so there was no integration of the grits into the dish. If you took your fork into the grits you received a mouthful of pure white grits with some sauce over the top, so the flavors didn’t mix very well. (yes I’m very spoiled from Drew’s shrimp and grits)

Entree’s were; Linguine and shrimp / Tuna (me) / Roasted Baramundi / Miso Marinated Black Cod

Linguine and shrimp received favorable remarks - the tuna that I had was very good, but the serving was rather small, half a full tuna steak, the Baramundi and Cod but suffered the “didn’t mix well” reviews of the sauce and meal.

There were a few deserts which I didn’t partake however there were no complaints.

Overall it’s a good place but really needs to “find” itself. I left with the impression of a restaurant searching for it’s identity…throwing a bit too much together to try and come up with the next big “thing” in culinary experience. I would certainly go back, but being I’m not a big seafood guy I doubt it would be any time soon.

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I’m not a huge seafood eater so I still haven’t been to Fish, but friends tell me the secret is to go for their happy hour apps and drinks and then have dinner elsewhere.

ETA this isn’t a new spot for them; they’ve been open in AP for at least 2-3 years…

Agreed. We’ve been for happy hour and liked the food and drink and thought it was a bargain.

The prices Jr mentions are a bit steep.

Btw, Simply Southern in Belmar also has very good shrimp and grits.