Fish and chips tonight in Westchester?

I just got a huge craving for fish and chips. Where are your favorite places in Westchester? We are in Ossining and I’d like to keep it within 20 minutes. We have a place locally on route 9… i’m not sure of the name… Brothers fish and chips maybe? But it seems really casual and we’d like something perhaps a bit nicer.

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Eastchester Fish Gourmet on Rte 22 in Eastchester.

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The sit down restaurant side of Brothers is kind of nice. They have a full bar, and the mussels appetizer is excellent imo. Not inexpensive!

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Oh, EFG crossed my mind. What else is good there?

Thanks. I did more research and saw that they expanded and now have a proper restaurant. It has good Yelp reviews and the menu looks enticing.

We went to Brothers. Unfortunately, the mussels were terrible. They did not taste fresh. If you’re going here, stick to the fish and chips. We had chunks of fresh cod which were delicately battered and virtually greaseless. The crab cakes were deep fried which I wasn’t expecting, and had a bit too much chopped bell pepper for my taste. The spiciness overwhelmed the crab flavor.

If I went back it would only be specifically for fish and chips.

I usually go to Rory Dolan’s for fish and chips, but there is always at least one soggy piece that disappoints me more than it probably should.

I’ve been wanting to try Atlantic Anchor in Yonkers for a long time. (Edited to remove a link to their expired site.)

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Haven’t been there a lot recently, but nothing we have ordered in the past has ever disappointed, including their NE clam chowder, an important item for (NE born) me.

Hadn’t heard of this place but I’ll be sure to keep it in mind when the fish and chip craving hits. Bread and Brine in Hastings has a fantastic fried fish sandwich (and fries) but that’s a little more upscale - would be nice to have a hole in the wall option!

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So sorry to hear that, the one and only time I ate there the mussels were wonderful.

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