First visit to Saltie Girl (Back Bay/Boston) - YAY

We stopped in to Saltie Girl last night for the first time. Luckily snagged the last booth and settled in for dinner. The atmosphere was fun and bustling, but still is small so conversation at our booth was not difficult. We had a tough time deciding among all the tempting offerings…started with their house Boston Lettuce salad, which turned out to have a balanced and amazing variety of local greens, shaved black radishes, carrots and fennel with a light vinaigrette. Most of these seemed like early fall veggies…really terrific. We split one of the tinned Spanish tunas (belly in olive oil) for an app. It arrived on a lovely slate, with crusty bread, home-churned butter, homemade pepper jam and a few types of salt to adorn the unctuous tuna. Fabulous, although a bit of a $$ splurge. For entrees, I had the 3 vongle pasta, which was excellent (although the clams were just a touch chewier than I might have liked), and DH had the market fish entree, which was a black sea bass on a fall veggie succotash…sublime. We would have sprung for a dessert, but they do not serve coffee/dessert - - perhaps because it is such a small place, they would rather turn over the tables/bar stools. Service was superb. The wine selection, on very quick review, looked good and the bar was nicely stocked, but we are taking a break from liquor so we didn’t sample this time. Nevertheless, we will DEFINITELY be back, so there will be time to try more offerings!