First Village Coffee and Peaceful Provisions (Ossining NY)

I popped in here the other day for a snack after checking out the new toy store Penny and Ting on Main St. This seems like a serious coffee shop but I wouldn’t know because I am not a coffee drinker. But, I am a consummate dessert eater, and I am impressed with their treat selection.

Croissants come from Ceci Cela in the city and some of the pastries come from Balthazar. Impressive. But we skipped those in favor of housemade treats by Peaceful Provisions, which is a pop-up bakery within the coffee shop, baking all vegan goodies. I usually don’t go in for vegan baked goods but they may have converted me! The yeasted doughnut we had was so completely delicious, dense with a little chew without being leaden. It was topped with a delicious fruit glaze (blackberry I think?) and a basil drizzle. We also had a lemon poppy scone that couldn’t quite hold a candle to the doughnut but also impressed me with its texture, though a couple mouthfuls were a tad salty. The lemon glaze was a nice touch, though.

First Village doesn’t have their goodies every day so make sure you check the website for when they do.

A nice stroll in Ossining would be shopping in Penny and TIng, coffee and a snack at First Village, a beer at the new brewery (Sing Sing Kill, brand new as of Friday), and a bite at Cravin’ Jamaican or perhaps the new Peruvian place, Aji Limo. Aji Limo is next on my list for sure.


I’ve had Peaceful Provisions donuts several times since posting and they continue to be fabulous. One report is on the Croton MRKT thread and I got to try two more this weekend: the PB glazed and the blueberry pistachio. I am so in love with these donuts it’s kind of ridiculous. They are chewy and not overly heavy and the toppings are fun and not too sweet. I am really hoping they will open a storefront in Ossining! Hope they’re reading this haha!