First time in Austin

Hello Texans! We decided on the spur of the moment to spend four days of spring break in Austin. It’ll be a first time visit for us. I have checked earlier threads, which have got me thinking about some restaurant recommendations. But I’m hoping that you can help me with some logistics. If all goes according to plan, we would be relying on public transportation and avoiding renting a car. With that in mind, what neighborhood would you recommend for a hotel, which both has things for a tourist to do and see, and also a lot of good food options or at least excellent public transportation to get to those food options and visitor sites?

Now that I’ve asked about the neighborhood, can you help me to figure out where we should eat. I don’t want to limit types of cuisines. What I want to know is what is Austin best at, and go to those places. But we are probably not looking for anything fancy. More of a casual vibe family. Thank you so much, and I look forward to seeing your suggestions.

Bbq and Tex Mex feel like musts.

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Sasha I haven’t spent much time in Austin in 15 years; sorry. I went to UT there in the 60s and started my career there but the city has CHANGED!!! I usually don’t stay in the city but in San Marcos or way up north (I have relatives - or did - all over CTex) and I always want to hit some of my old faves.

The last time I was there, South Congress, South Lamar and another n/s street in between there, as I recall, is where I did most of my roaming, but I was hitting mostly food trucks. The road to Barton Springs also usually has some of the most popular spots, as I recall. If that’s the case still I’d think the south end of downtown or as close as you can get to the lake (used to be Town Lake, I think it’s Lady Bird Johnson lake now) would be ideal. I-35 is a mess; always has been. Particularly during morning and evening drive times. If spring break is when SXSW is going on – good luck on accommodations and victuals! Probably stay away from the UT area.

I though Mr. Happy’s report from a year or so was outstanding; I learned a lot.

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Thanks. That report is the one I was mostly talking about, but it had a heavy focus on breakfast tacos! I’ll have to check out the concert dates and hope for the best. My own research was leaning me in a downtown stay. So far I have two bbq spots and bats!

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