First "clothing optional" restaurant to open in London.....................

I also posted this on the UK board asking them what is going on over there!! Read for yourself.

Climate change.

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Al Gore…that sneaky SOB, looks like he learned a little something from his old boss. :smiley:

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Ok, the “eat in the dark” gimmick could at least use the “we partly eat with our eyes” excuse to offer a novel way to experience food. How exactly does clothing, or lack thereof, change your experience with food? Aside from the no more tomato sauce stains on white shirts, of course.

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Without actually cracking open Jamie Oliver’s cookbook, the proprietor thought, “That Naked Chef chap is frightfully popular; he must be onto something!” :smirk:

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Well, this is great. People who like to free of clothing (nudists) can finally go to their own restaurants, and people who like t wear clothes can go to the rest of London.

Actually, this would save dozens of my husband shirts and ties.

How big are the napkins?

Can my cat eat there? Actually he is naked all the time.

“mostly nude waitstaff”? what the what? have you no health codes over there?

They wear white gloves for service, hey it’s a high class place!

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Bessarabsky Market, Kyiv. Ukraine
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