Fire at Iggys Bakery

After a futile search of Whole Foods in Andover and Butcher Boy in North Andover, for an Iggy’s baguette, or any of their breads, I came home to this:

I hope they come back soon!


Thanks for this. I hope it is as minor as it seems. We love Iggys and have for so many years.

Thanks for the information. Yes, I hope they bounce back soon.

I was at WF myself yesterday late afternoon and noticed they had no Iggy’s bread, but put it down to post-Amazon parsimony.

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Thanks for the post. I had no idea. You’d think this might have made the news!

There was Iggy’s Bread at the Fresh Pond WF yesterday, so they must have recovered.


Back here north of Boston too. :baguette_bread: :upside_down_face:

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