Finnish recipes

Simpler foods are more appealing to me. A 30 minute soup should be simple? The original photos look so over-wrought to me. Like they spent hours being tinkered with by designers before they got the pic they wanted. Not interested.

Carrots sound okay to me.

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I hear you. I mostly post on WFD when I make something I find interesting or that took a little more effort, or maybe take-out that is new to me.

I am enjoying the Weekly Meal Planning threads, which have a lot of recipe links.

It must have been either joululimppu or saaristolaisleipä. I like them both, but never made them. Around christmas, I top them with eg cold smoked salmon/reindeer, blue/white cheese.


Portions? I’m confused. Are you saying people on WFD post ginormous portions of the food they eat?

Because I don’t think I ever noticed that. Most folks (unless they are dining out) seem to enjoy rather reasonable portion sizes.

But maybe I misunderstood :woman_shrugging:

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I’m a born Finn living in Finland all my life.

The simple salmon soup already present in this thread (lohikeitto) would perhaps be my no 1 recommendation for a Finnish main, if I wanted the person to like what they eat. It’s what I had this weekend at a 90 year old birthday party, and it can be what I would make at my home any given day.

I think most if not all of these were already present in the links here, but some of the other (more traditional) mains worth a mention in my opinion would include:

Thinly sliced sauteed reindeer (poronkäristys). Served with mashed potatoes and lingonberry jam.

Karelian Hot Pot (Karjalanpaisti). Served with potatoes, mashed or boiled.

Black sausage (mustamakkara), served with lingonberry jam and milk.

Cabbage rolls or casserole. (Kaalikääryleet or kaalilaatikko). Well, again lingonberry jam, lol.

Some other things:
Dark rye bread (ruisleipä).
Potato salad (perunasalaatti)
Cured salmon (Graavilohi, gravlax).
Karelian pasties with eggbutter (karjalanpiirakka and munavoi, no cottage cheese to the eggbutter).
Bread cheese with cloudberry jam (leipäjuusto)
Buttereye buns (voisilmä pulla)
Mämmi (this easter time dessert may look wild)


Thank you!

Could you share a potato salad recipe?

I have made Rosolli a few times.

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Nice, Rosolli is something not everyone loves, haha :slight_smile: not sure about my stance atm, think I didn’t have it last year.

Here’s some Finnish links for perunasalaatti, I hope some of them work and translate for you. It could be done with mayo or without. I would with mayo first to have a more traditional one.:

Without mayo, a kind of fresh “lightish” version.:


Thank you!

Thanks for asking. I personally love potato salad, it’s nice and fresh, but we mostly just have it around new years and may day (vappu).


Luckily May day is right around the corner. If you wanna go full Finn, then it’s time to enjoy the potatosalad with wienersausages, meatballs and have


And sima (mead) with it:


Thank you! I will post photos when I make these dishes!

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All my Finns were HEAVY coffee drinkers. Like 6+ cups a day, and they didn’t seem to be bothered by the caffeine. More opportunity to dip pülla.


Trying to limit myself a bit these days, to about 2-3 cups/mugs, sometimes less. Used to do well more.

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Doc just told me the other day to drink 3 of drip coffee 8oz. each day. Black, no additives. Good for the liver, she said. I’m thinking of filling my 24 oz. water bottle and sip, sip, sip throughout the day. Decaf, for sure.

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