Finger lime - difference between pink and white fruits?

I’m thinking of getting a Finger lime plant this spring, native from Australia, it is called Caviar Lime in France, a relative new plant only appeared about 4-5 years ago.

What’s the difference between the pink and the white fruits?

Does anybody have this plant in their garden? Is it a difficult plant?

Thanks a lot!

I haven’t noticed much of a taste difference of the different colour fruits. That said they tend to be used as a garnish to give a citrus hit so you tend not to get a lot on any one dish. I understood the colour difference was mainly cosmetic and chefs use different colours for effect.

I have planted my first tree - I plan to plant a few different colours - and it seems like it should be quite hardy (it is pretty spiky) - but its only 300mm high at the moment.

I am in Sydney so expect it to work OK in the climate. It’s planted near two lemon trees and a mature orange so hopefully will like similar conditions (I have given it a little more shelter though as its an understory plant).

Thanks a lot PhilD, especially for the growing manuel, I have mine since mid March, it has been doing well in a pot, compact branches and leaves, lots of spikes, new growth, with tiny flowers at the end of branches. Now I will see if there will be fruits coming by. Mine will have pink fruits. I will see how it likes the winter here.

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