Fine Cooking Magazine no longer to be published…

How incredibly sad! I received noticed in my mail yesterday that Fine Cooking Magazine will no longer be published. I’m not terribly surprised - it’s gone through major upheaval in the past few years and was sold, etc. Still, it was by far my favorite food magazine and I looked forward to reading it.

Anyone else sad to see it go?

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Yes, it is sad Martha Stewart is also stopping publication.

Here are some other options:

Yes, sad also, and I hadn’t gotten that notice! It became my fav food magazine years ago, but I haven’t liked it as much the past few. Still, it will be missed.

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Agreed - it’s gone downhill. Still, it was one of the best at its peak. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news!


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I will miss what it was before the upheaval off the last few years. I learned a lot of tricks & techniques from it.


Ouch. It’s been awhile since I paid. Mea culpaI that it, and so many other things have gone down hill.

Joking, sort of, but I seriously bailed on my local bookstore when I hooked up with Amazon 20 something years ago.

I hope I saved a few. Knew it was coming. Mourned when Kitchen Garden/Gardener magazine ended . Just resumed Fine Gardening, hoping I could keep it alive. I’m sure it won’t be long.


I used to love FC but it definitely went downhill. I also love the MS magazine and I’m sad about that one too!

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Any idea about the online content? Or should I print out all of the recipes I’ve saved in my “recipe box”?

Martha Stewart Living hasn’t been great, or even good, in a very long time, in my opinion. I picked up a copy recently, since I no longer subscribe, and there was not a single appealing thing in there for me-I used to LOVE that magazine!

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I don’t know about the website, but I’m assuming it will disappear too.

FWIW, Susie MIddleton, who was the EIC at FC, is the editor of “Cook the VIneyard,” where Abby Dodge (another former FC editor) has a column: