Finding Cevapi in SE Michigan

Just read a review of a Bosnian market and deli in Toronto. The reviewer waxed poetic about finding grilled Cevapi at the market for consumption on-site. Intrigued me so I decided to make an inquiry here on Hungry Onion. Anyone know any restaurants or markets in SE Michigan that serve this type of kebob?

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You still looking for the Chevepi I know 3 places all in Ham town, let’s me know I’ll list them.

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Please do!

Me favorite be Maine Street just down the street Motorcity Sports Bar also a great Cevapi, here’s link to my review Enjoy Really Great Selection of World Foods. Who wants to know where you get the Cevapi. First let me tell you I first discovered this great Bosnian food was in the early 80’s on Michigan ave in Detroit a place called Dimes restaurant which has been goon a long time. Twice per week for lunch or dinner I ate a plate full with heavy onions thin fresh baked bread and mustard. I really didn’t know until 20 years later what it was, I just loved it. A couple years ago I recalled this great dish and went searching the Internet, jackpot I found this great restaurant on with this on the menu. I’ve been there a dozen plus times for one thing only a full order 10 pieces of Cevapi. For $10 you get soup or salad, fries or rice with that tasty Greek red sauce and pita bread. Also chopped on the dish is onions, tomato’s and feta cheese which go[Find this restaurant on Zomato | Maine Street, Hamtramck](Find this restaurant on Zomato | Maine Street, Hamtramck

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Thanks for the tip, Al. I’ll follow up on it before the year is out; you can bet.

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I love cevapci !!!

They are relatively easy to make at home.


Here are some I made tonight:

Served with toasty farmer bread, yoghurt mint sauce & green salad.

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