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I’ve never been a wine drinker but a friend recently gave us a Portuguese red blend (below) that I enjoyed sipping with certain dishes. I’m wondering how I can find something similar since I haven’t seen this offered in our local stores. I’m sure this isn’t an easy question to answer aside from “go try some” but I thought it might be a good discussion here.

Thank you.

I went to for answers.

Without knowing more about the nature of the “red blend”, it’s impossible to suggest alternatives. Does the bottle give any clues about the grapes used (I suspect not - blends like this are usually a “use up” of whatever is around.

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From Costco.

The 2017 Casa Santos Lima Red Blend Portugal begins with an attractive and savory aroma of ripe fruit and lots of sweet cherries plus spice, licorice and vanilla. The medium-bodied wine tastes smooth, soft and a bit sweet. It’s loaded with assorted juicy berries on the palate plus a touch of citrus. It reminded me of a nice Beaujolais with a touch of bubblegum flavor that you often find in those wines. It ends dry and long with lingering tart fruit. This would be quite nice slightly chilled on a hot day.


Casa Santos Lima Red Blend looks available online but maybe not a bargain.

This is from the winery site. It doesn’t specify what grapes it’s made of and that’s usually the primary source of info if it’s available.

Plenty of details here, check the price.

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inexpensive wines in portugal are typically “field blends” – made with indigenous grapes that grow prolifically. americans are accustomed to varietal-specific wines - which these are not.

they’re typically fruity and soft and easy to drink, as well as inexpensive. they’re also cheap as heck and can be a great value if you’re not married to wine in a can.

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I like two Portuguese reds from TJs: Aiolas and Porto6, both at $4.99. Fruity and harmless daily sippers.

It shows the acidity etc. So you can go to your liquor store and order something similar if you don’t want to shop online.

If you can’t find what you are looking for then I have always liked Rioja wines from Spain.

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