Finally getting cold (at night) here

We can get first frosts here as early as the End of August here, but last year I managed to go into early October before we started getting frosts. Weathered the first couple without much problem, but missed the 3rd one that took out the garden.

I’ve been lucky enough to get all the way into mid-October this year so far, with no sign of impending frost. At least not at my elevation.

The thing is we are still getting daytime temps here in the 80s, but night-time temps are now falling into the low 40s. Up to last night, night-time temps were hovering right around mid-50-ish.

So I schlepped all my curry leaf trees, and the Jasmine, in for the night. They’ll go back out for as long as daytime temps are still 70+, but I really need to get my shelves and lighting in working order PDQ!

Tomorrow I shall endeavor to remember to dig up the lemongrass and set a small clump aside for repotting. Really, I should have potted some up over a month ago - but as long as I get them in before they freeze, I am sure all will be fine.

After all, I started these in the middle of winter last year from refrigerated stems that I bought at a local Asian market. Started them in glasses of water. Compared to that, these guys are bound to be fine once I bring them in. I’ll just trim back and replant a few stems and freeze the rest.

Frost on my car in southern Westchester county ny thus AM. I grabbed the green tomatoes from the vine today but suspect we have a weekbor so in philly before hard frost. First real killing frost and i will dig the sun chokes.

How old is your jasmine?

I’m not sure, but I’ve had it for a bit over 2 years now. I’m pretty sure it was at least a year old, perhaps 2, when I bought it.

I repotted it last year and discovered it had been planted in plain old garden mud with a scattering of better potting soil on top. Then this year it started getting all chlorotic again and I repotted into a better pot - during which I discovered that it was not one, but FOUR jasmine plants she had stuffed into a pot far far too small for them.

So I broke all four apart as much as I could - ONE potbound jasmine is bad enough, but when there are FOUR all intertwined, that’s getting close to a disaster, LOL! And potted them up after washing away as much old mix as possible into my new mix which is peat, bark, and Growstone.

I thought I was going to lose them, it took so long for them to recover. But now they have finally started putting new shoots out, all signs of chlorosis are gone, and they are flowering again. This plant has typically done VERY well inside over the winter so I have no worries now about it making it through to better weather, LOL!

But I did wonder there for awhile.