Final Voting for the 2019 Golden Onion Awards [NJ Board]

(Greg Caggiano) #1

Okay, so we now have the correct finalists for the 2019 Hungry Onion “Golden Onion” Awards (also known as “The Greggy”). The nominations were tallied and the top three nominees have been placed on the final ballot. Depending on the number, some categories have as many as four nominees or as little as two. Below is the list and below that is the link for voting.

You do not have to live in New Jersey to vote. ANY member of the Hungry Onion may vote so long as they are judging the finalists based on their contributions to the NJ board only.

Best Food Pictures:

Best Culinary Creations

Funniest Poster

Kindest Poster

Most Useful Poster

Best Restaurant Reviews

Best Thread
“The Big Old NJ Steak Thread”
“Russell and Bette’s Rumson”
“Chinese Food…and Bowling?”
“Restaurant Pet Peeves”

Click here to vote. You have until midnight on Wednesday, February 13th. Nominees are listed in alphabetical order on the survey.

Many thanks to @CurlzNJ for her assistance with these awards and EVERYONE here for their participation in both the awards AND conversation throughout the year. It has been a pleasure to be a member here on the Hungry Onion.


Thanks for YOUR work on this @gcaggiano and thanks to our moderators @seal and @NotJrvedivici for their technical help!

First Annual New Jersey Board Awards (Nominations) 2019

Bumping this up, as I just checked, and we only have 13 responses thus far. If you haven’t already done so, please click on the link in here:

(Mr met) #4

I voted! do I Get a sticker?

(Jimmy ) #5

My vote is in, too.

I had a bit of anxiety voting for BEST THREAD. Took a while. They are all entertaining and fun reads.


Yes! Here’s your gold star! :star2:


One for you, too! :star2:

(Greg Caggiano) #8

Ladies and gentlemen, a reminder that voting ends tomorrow (Wednesday) at midnight.

As I will be in PA for the next three days (departing tomorrow in this horrible weather), I am leaving @CurlzNJ to announce the winners at a time of her choosing on Thursday.

I’m not bringing my laptop, a self-imposed three day break from it. But I can access this site through my phone and will be in touch!


Have fun Greg. I hope you hammer some good Amish meals down :wink:


Final BUMP…the survey closes tonight at midnight, so if you haven’t already done so (22 of you have), please vote TODAY!


Got your ball gowns and tuxedos on, folks? The results are in! The survey monkeys stayed up all night compiling your votes, and so, on behalf of @gcaggiano and with thanks to the Academy and all of our HOs who contribute to the NJ board, here they are:

Best Food Pictures: @paryzer

Best Culinary Creations: @paryzer

Funniest Poster: @notjrvedivici

Kindest Poster: @curlznj (blushes)… I’d like to acknowledge the other nominees, as it was a CLOSE race…

Most Useful Poster: Truly our most exciting category, as WE HAVE A TIE! @joonjoon and @goodparmesan will share this title, but @corvette_johnny and @gcaggiano are also tied for the runner-up spot!

Best Restaurant Reviews: @gcaggiano

Best Thread: BY. A. NOSE… “Russell and Bette’s Rumson”

You can see the exact numbers by clicking the link below:

(Mr met) #12

Can’t disagree with any of the choices. Democracy rules again


always in good company. congrats to all :slight_smile:

(Eli Paryzer) #14

Mrs. P & I are honored and humbled to win two awards. Thank you very much for everyone that voted for us!
Also, congratulations to all of the other well deserved winners and nominees!

(Jeff) #15

Congrats to all of the very deserving winners and to all of the worthy nominees. But where are the red carpet pictures in front of the bowling alley Chinese restaurant?


Congrats everyone! This was fun. Thanks Greg and Curlz

(Greg Caggiano) #17

Greetings from Lancaster!

Honored to win the best reviews award. Thank you to all who participated and to @CurlzNJ for running the poll!


What a lot of fun. Thanks @gcaggiano and @CurlzNJ for all your hard work in pulling this off.

I mentioned to Mr Bean that I was nominated for Kindest Poster. He laughed out loud and I think he said that I’m not really that nice but i can’t be sure.


Tell Mr. Bean that I only won that category by a hair, so I can attest to the fact that you ARE really that nice! Then let’s pour ourselves a bourbon… :joy:

(John) #20

Congrats folks & nice work to Curlz & Greg.