Filipino options in central nj. Any kamayan grill intel?

I don’t know too much about pinoy food but I’d like to explore some options and I’m wondering what’s around here. Has anyone tried kamayan grill?

@joonjoon any word on this spot?

@eleeper Evelyn have you had any meals at the Matawan spot?

Hey! Just ate at kamayan for the first time last week as a matter of fact. I meant to put up a post but hadn’t gotten around to it. Disclaimer: I don’t know much about Filipino food.

They have a buffet table of like 8 different things. You can get em by the pint or quart, or for like 8 bucks you can get rice n two choices.

I went for some kind of goat stew thing and an organ n blood concoction. They were both ok, didn’t blow me away or anything. The goat stew is like a coconut curry, very heavy on the coconut and not much spice. The blood n organs had mystery bits in a vinegary blood sauce. Normally this kind of thing is my jam but the liver was a little too strong for me. Some times I have trouble with liver and this was one of those times. Either way I enjoyed the meal and intend on going back a few times. I wish their food was spicier. I will be bringing my own heat next time. :slight_smile:

Damn that looks good buddy!

Any good oxtail lately?

I think I’ll start with some traditional abodo.

I drove by today and realized I haven’t been in quite so excited time. Heading home to New Orleans on Thursday and will hit it up next week after my return

Not in a while, although that Neptune soul food restaurant with the screaming owner seems to have some tasty looking tail. I kind of want to check it out to see what all the fuss is about. Hah.

I had my filipino leftovers last night and I’m not sure if it was the inebriation or the hot peppers I added to the mix but it was delicious! I’m gonna head back and bring my own peppers with me.

Oh btw one of my Filipino friends mentioned they have an oxtail dish here too. I’m excited to check it out.

If by “Matawan spot”, you mean Chicken Holiday, we have had only the fried chicken, three times. Service was very slow the first, everything was good the second, and the third time one piece (a very large breast) was underdone in the center, and the coating in spots wasn’t completely cooked either. I am not eager to try anything else there.

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