Filipino Cuisine in Westchester: Hapag (Yonkers) / Hapa (Mamaroneck)

We met friends at Hapag for lunch with my husband and daughter. This was my first time eating Filipino food. My friends are Filipino and took care of ordering for us. We sat at one of the communal tables, which I usually don’t love, but in this setting it works. I honestly don’t remember everything we ordered – we had lumpia, a whole fish, lechon, sisig, a rice dish, pork belly, and a few other items. I had nothing to measure it all against but our friends gave it their stamp of approval and we certainly enjoyed everything. I shrieked with glee at the piece de la resistance-- an enormous halo halo which was so incredibly delicious. We will definitely be returning. The place was packed by the time we left.

Hapa is Filipino/Hawaiian fusion-y and located within Decadent Ales Brewery, which is located within Half Time in Mamaroneck. There is ample seating but there was a 40th birthday going on so a lot of tables were taken up by that. After we ordered our food at the back, the woman appeared with a specially procured table and chairs for us so we would have somewhere to eat. Above and beyond on the service there, really. My daughter had the chicken adobo off the kids menu which was an enormous portion which she ate for lunch at day care the next two days. It was so flavorful and I was glad that she was able to get something other than typical kids menu fare. My husband had Korean brisket tacos and I had the Hapa burger which is served on a purple ube bun, which I loved. We shared brussels (yum), wings, and probably more that I don’t remember. As I write this, I realize that my daughter really was the only one who actually ate something Filipino, haha! The churros and ube flan we had for dessert were the perfect sweet way to end the meal. As for the beer, they mostly have very high ABV IPAs and dessert-y stouts, not my favorite beers, but definitely interesting and I think the strong flavors pair well with the food.

Both these places are worth visiting and we will return to them!


Thanks for this! I went to Haupag back in October and had a bowl of kare kare - oxtail peanut stew - really good. I want to go back and try the other dishes you mentioned. As for the halo-halo - a family of 6 came in just to order them and they looked so good - I almost ordered one. Now I’m sorry I didn’t! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I don’t know how we missed oxtail!!! I definitely want to try that! That halo halo is the stuff of dreams. I am craving it now!

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