Fieldwork -Berkeley

The Monte Carlo SS in front proved auspicious. Large selection and variety. We covered a lot! Cool atmosphere. Tasty brew. Strong recommendation.


Nice! I love their beer but haven’t made it to the brewery. Do they have food or let you bring it in?

They have food I saw some other folks having it smelled good but we didn’t get any. Had a few beers that drank like a meal tho! Cool spot for a hang. They had music and World Cup. Lots of pickup togo beer businesss.


Fieldwork is an AWESOME brewery. Beyond Berkeley they have several other locations:


AFAIK all locations have food.


been to san mateo. it is really an outdoor garden space, don’t go on a cold evening. food choices are minimal, and they let you bring in your own. i suggest checking the menu before you go if you want a full meal or have a plan b ready. it isn’t a bad idea to get delivery or pickup from any of a number of local places and make a spread on the picknick tables. annoyingly the very closest places aren’t much, i have always liked spicy empire on 24th and the Shanghai place. beer was nice. long on belgians, our favorite style.

gf and i haven’t been back after the initial visit because refuge and blue oak are more our style. blue oak always has a food truck and a better independant vibe. refuge has less vibe, being in a shopping mall, but better food.

Berkeley has a limited food menu. San Leandro has a more expansive menu with pizza and appetizers. Opened not that long ago and has a great outdoor seating, partially open and partially covered. Looks like a number of heater options for the winter.

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