Felafel Place in Yonkers

I stopped in at Felafel Place last week to grab a bite to eat. I am a huge felafel fan and for years I have complained about the lack of felafel in our area. Recently opened Opa Opa on Pondfield Road in Bronxville has a pretty good felafel, but the one at Felafel Place is fabulous. It is all crunchy deliciousness and the mixture of vegetables and lettuce in the pita added to the whole. I asked for a hot sauce, and I was given a little cup of a green mixture that was unusual and somewhat spicy and that added to the whole.

Bear in mind that this is more of a takeout joint than a restaurant. There is a counter, and about 5 or six tables inside, so don’t count on eating in if it’s during lunchtime.


Glad to hear it was good. They somehow showed up on my Instagram feed for their $6 falafel sandwich.
Interesting that they gave you a green hot sauce instead of the traditional red harissa.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold