February 2022, Openings and Closings (Boston & New England)

For once, I made it on time! (It’s a miracle). Here’s the new thread for new stuff and dead things. Have at it.


Anh Hong in Dorchester is merging with Pho Hoa and is slated to open “in the coming weeks”. Anh Hong is a gem that can do no wrong in my eyes (Pho Hoa on the other hand is quite average); hoping the excellent cooking continues in the new place.


Huh…how do they merge? I think of corporate mergers and acquisitions which I’ve handled at work, but never thought about this apply to family-owned restaurants. So are they re-branding all locations, and carrying the exact same menu? Are they consolidating menus? Didn’t realize that Anh Hong had closed recently, which is a bummer.

The Spot in Winchester has closed. Not sure when it happened. I was going to Maggie’s Farm anyway when they loaded the occasional $10 on my card. Seems that Karma is moving in.


This is great news!

Thai Moon in Arlington, which closed last spring after a fire, had promised they’d reopen. However, the landlord just approached our business to say the space is for lease, and ask if we were interested. So it does not look good for reopening for them, which is sad. Their nasi goreng special was my favorite treat-day lunch. Maybe they will eventually be able to find a new space.


I am confused because I thought Phở Hòa was a international chain of restaurants. But this one seems like a local phenomena with the same logo and name. The Dorchester Phở Hòa even has their own website apart from corporate. Odd. Maybe they are franchises?

Ánh Hồng was notable because they did Beef 7 Ways, one thing I look for in a Viet place going the distance.

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it looks like they are. The corporate Pho Hoa site (https://phohoa.com/) has a whole section on franchising and the Dorchester one is listed as one of their open locations.

Interesting. I always assumed it was part of the chain too (and perhaps owned by the same folks who ran Pho Hoa in Chinatown back in the days). My sister and I drove there to eat late fall last year, and it was noticeably nicer than other Pho Hoa’s I’ve been to. It has gained some local fame for opening up a smoothie/drinks bar on the side, and those seemed quite popular. The food was good, and the com suon (grilled pork chop rice plate) was really good. The even weirder thing though is that they seem to also own Pho Linh on Hancock St in Quincy. When the pandemic shut down most restaurants, if you googled Pho Linh for takeout, it would direct you to “it’s sister restaurant” Pho Hoa.


nothing super exciting, but for a Magoun Square update on a walk by it looks like Pa Pa Sushi is getting close to opening in the old Dark Horse Public House space. Though I guess they’re only taking half of the room from that former location? I’m not sure how they’re dividing it, or what will end up in the other half.

It also looks like the former Pini’s location on the same block is gutted and a sign has gone up for Zaza Pizza which will replace it. I think also that the Wang’s remodel is more or less done, though they still have a sign on the door that they’re temporarily closed. I saw workers in there constantly a week or two ago, but it’s been quiet this week. Not sure if they’re actually back though, I tend to go by before they open at four.


Just noticed there is a Friendly Toast at the Chestnut Hill mall, in the old Besito space.


It seems from googling like it may not be quite open yet, but looked very close.


bb.q chicken is open at Billings Rd in North Quincy. Got to try the spicy galbi and the soy garlic before a Superbowl rush this past weekend.

Not a restaurant (and not even Feb technically), but the Roche Bros supermarket by Walmart in Quincy announced they’ll be closing in April. Bummer.