February 2016, Boston area Openings and Closings

There’s a sign in the window of the first floor space right next to the Rosebud in Davis Square in that hideous new-construction building that Davis Square Donuts and Bagels is coming soon and they are hiring. Anyone know anything? There are plenty of coffee options in Davis, but a bagel/donut place might do well.

I peeked in at Opa Greek Gyros, in the same building as When Pigs Fly on Highland Ave, and they have 3 vertical rotisseries sitting on the counter and look fairly well outfitted inside, but no signs of life.

It’s owned by the same guy as Opa Greek Yeeros. He had said about six months back that he wanted to open a donut spot inspired by Blackbird Donuts and that he was planning on opening it after Opa got off the ground.

The situation with Opa is weird in that they’ve been ready to go for a month or two, but at the latest licensing hearing, chose to defer their license until next month with no explanation. So their opening is delayed until at least this month sometime. Looking forward to it, their food sounds great!