Feb 2017, Boston and area Openings and Closings!

Ok, it’s that time again. A new month. Sure, there’s Hidden Boston twitter and Eater and all those other places that post stuff about what’s open and what’s closed. but there’s here too. Let’s see what you have.

Aside: The newish thing that opened lately that I haven’t heard a lot about is the Pho Countryside branch in Kenmore. Any reports?

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Apparently Bistro Duet is open in the old Flora location in east Arlington. http://www.bistroduet.com/

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Oat Shop has opened in Davis Square (possibly in January). I was looking forward to checking it out; upon walking in there were some nice aromas. Looks like they have high-quality ingredients, with sweet and savory oat bowls which sounded interesting. I got a “power muffin” which I wasn’t expected to be wowed by, but it was really good.

I feared it might be overly-sweet and full of raisins (which I don’t dislike but can be off-putting) but it was not; it was dense, moist and a nice chocolate flavor, not too sweet, filling (so a good breakfast or snack option) and I think the signs said they were gluten-free for anyone looking for that kind of option.
I will definitely be back to try a savory oat bowl, and to try a breakfast cookie. Looks like it could be a nice non-chain, healthy and tasty option for breakfast and lunch.

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sure is sloooow here this month. nothing out there? anyone?

Ivan Ramen popup is coming to Uni Fri & Sat late night for all of March. Looks tasty.

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Lincoln Kitchen is open now in Lincoln, MA. Replaced AKA Bistro.

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Burro Bar in Brookline!

So after much searching, it seems that Brickhouse Pizza and Grill in Brighton, near St Elizabeth’s has been closed due to the death of the manager. So sad,as he was a really nice guy. They are due to re-open soon.

in Medford Sq. today I noticed there’s a new halal Indian/Pakistani place on Riverside Ave called Zam Zam. Menu has a lot of what you’d expect, but there’s a couple interesting items like Chicken Achari which is a Northern Indian dish and a few Pakistani items like Karachi Gosht, Kheer, Shami Kebab fried Pakistani style and Beef/Lamb Nehari. There’s also an Afghani dish called Kabali Plao as a chef’s special.

Might be worth a look.


Just noticed that a couple online reviews for the Malden branch of Golden Garden, the Dongbei style place from Belmont have gotten posted in the last couple days, so it must be open–at least softly. Supposedly at 9 Highland Avenue. Will probably do a drive by this weekend to see.

poking around a bit on more Malden area stuff, I saw something else that I haven’t seen anywhere else. It looks like Cafe de Lulu, the Hong Kong style place that used to be in Chinatown Boston has opened up a new location at 64 Summer St. Near as I can tell they have breakfast 8-11 am, which I assume has all the milk tea, spam and sweet buttered toast items they used to have at the old spot.

Grand opening of Cafe de Lulu via the City of Malden page


Gre.Co, Greek in Back Bay.
Aceituna Grill, Mediterranean in Seaport.
La Fábrica Central, Spanish? near the H Mart.

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