Feastly versus EatWith: Any experiences?

Feastly and Eatwith are two websites/apps for booking prix fixe meals by home chefs either in their homes or at third party community/popup venues in San Francisco and other cities. EatWith seems a bit more expensive and leans toward more familiar cuisines, while Feastly seems to favor more exotic cuisines, and is therefore of more interest to me, since I’m attracted to dishes you can’t easily find in restaurants.

So far I’ve only attended one event, a Malaysian meal by Tracy G via Feastly and am planning to attend another of her events this weekend.

Has anyone else tried one of these two services, and what has been your experience?

Check out the offerings:


I’ve been to events hosted both by Feastly chefs in their homes and an EatWith ramen event that the chef hosted at the EatWith HQ space. I enjoyed both events and I think it really is event dependent more than Feastly vs. EatWith in terms of authentic or exotic menus.

I’ve seen some chefs hosting events through both services on different dates.

I will recommend the Chicken Paitan Ramen from Chef Clint that I had at this event: https://www.eatwith.com/event/19573/

I enjoyed all the dishes at the ramen event, but the portion sizes were too large if you wanted to consume your entire bowl of ramen. I think he is going to try to scale future menus with that in mind.

Since my initial post, I attended another Feastly event, a North Sumatran Lontong feast by chef Siska. I enjoyed it so much I was planing to attend a repeat of the same meal until my recent mishap (hip fracture). She’s doing another repeat on April 7, at Feastly’s convenient downtown pop-up location. I highly recommend it.

FWIW, one person who has worked with both Feastly and Eatwith told me they preferred Feastly because its founder seemed to take more of an interest in his chef-clients, checking in on them from time to time.

That is a compelling menu. I bookmarked it. Thank you!