Feasting around Tijuana

I suppose this could be placed in the SoCal category too…anywho, I decided to write on my blog about eating around Tijuana and Puerto Nuevo. Check it out, if you’d like: http://buildingmybento.com/2016/02/08/eating-with-reckless-abandon-in-baja-california-mexico/.

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Awesome report Jonathan!

As a native SD, been going g to TJ and Rosarito, then down to Ensenada, food is beyond fantastic.
You’ve captured a lot of the essence of the fantastic street food…
The tacos with the pork/carne asada or seafood/mariscos are some of the best on the planet.
Loved you went down to 40+ year tradition of Puerto Nuevo…lobster sizes change thru the seasons but you should never have guac with lobster…only with chips before hand.

Pacificos is the only way to go when making those lobster burritos with the homemade rice and beans with melted butter and hot sauce!

You need to go down further to Ensenada and hit up the most famous mariscos food stand, La Guerrerense…


Ah, thanks for letting me know about the guacamole…however, the waiter said it would come with it, and as a NYer, it’s hard to shake the craving for the real (fresh) thing;)

What’s Ensenada like?

Actually, since you said you’re a native San Diegan, what do you opine of the current SD food scene?

No worries on the guac…I can’t get enough of it either…

Baja Med cuisine is so good and tho’ we’ve been eating it for decades, it’s hot right now with Javier Plascencia, chef/owner at Mison 21 and the famous Caesar’s, where the Caesar Salad was invented and still kicks serious ass!

Heading down to Ensenada, hit up La Guerrerense and there is also some great food stands with fish tacos near the marina and cold beers…
The toll road down from TJ/Rosarito and to Ensenada is gorgeous drive along the coast.
I’ve stayed many times at the hotel with the French restaurant, El Rey Sol, if you want to change it up.
The blowhole about an hour south of Ensenada is great and they have little carts with all kinds of goodies…

Head inland to Valle de Guadalupe for the wonderful vineyards…
Laja is one of the best restaurants, Deckman’s too…
They have several lovely boutique hotels and also, eco hotels, like Encuentro…

Drive back thru Tecate, which is a border town to East County SD…lovely place and if you want to eat at one of the top spa resorts in the world, Rancho la Puerta is stunning.
Great plaza in town with panderias and wonderful, family owned restaurants…

Drive back thru the back country to SD…stay in LJ and eat and drink for a day or two and then head home.

Some of the best food, IMO, in the world is Mexico, Hawaii and LA…
SD is getting there but has a long way to go!


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Also…going to Cabo and then head up either the Gulf side or Pacific and go to Todos Santos and then La Paz…
Stunning beaches, food, drink and people…

Cheap to fly into SAN to SJD for about $300 round trip on Alaska Air…less than 2 hour flight…need passport.
Go online to AA for their credit car and every year you get a companion fare for $100 wherever AA flys in USA and Hawaii…maybe Mex too…check into it…it is one hell of a cc and 2 bags fly free!

Thanks for your detailed reply, Aloha!

Don’t have much time now, but these all sound like nice ideas. Still, the draw for me is taking advantage of foods not as readily available in NY…speaking of which if you have any questions about my home city, let me know!

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You’re in NYC?

If so, I usually stay at the wonderful Hotel Benjamin in Midtown…across from the Waldorf.
LOVE NYC and going upstate for biz this week…
I love going to the Campbell Apt and having Oysters at Grand Central…
So, if you go to my two fave places, raise a glass for me!

What’s great about eating in Mexico that all of it is so fresh, using ingredients that are local.
Ceviche tostadas, homemade guac and chips and cold Pacifico’s around a campfire on the beach…yeah baby!
Baja Med food is da bomb!

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