Favorites in Asbury Park, NJ?

We are planning to meet friends in a good midpoint for everybody which is Asbury Park or close by. We have already been to Grand Tavern and Barrio Costero with this group so we would like to try somewhere else. BYOB is preferred. The most important factor is the food. We are adventurous eaters. What have you enjoyed lately?

My favorite BYOB in AP is still At The Table. Just something about soul food and beer that does it for me.

The jaded locals who really know what’s going on are @joonjoon and @CurlzNJ

I am fan of the Smith restaurant group and would recommend either Porta or Pascal and Sabine. Good luck.

Medusa Stone Fired in AP on Main Street & 4th. BYO. http://www.medusaap.com/

Small place; limited menu but a favorite of ours.

You can call them and arrange seating.

We have had two very bad meals as Pascal so that is definitely off the list. Porta is an idea but not BYOB. Thanks!

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Ooh this looks fun. We will short list it! Thanks!

Soul food!! :heart_eyes: Thanks for the tip. This might be the winner with this crowd!

Sorry. Didn’t see the BYOB requirement. Another idea is Seagrasss.

For BYO, I’d 2nd Medusa (although the place and the menu are limited) or head to Bradley Beach to The Buttered Biscuit if it’s Wed-Sat!

I am dying to make it to the Buttered Biscuit! Thanks for the recommendations!

I second Sea Grass. Great fish dishes