Favorite Wild Blackberry Pie?

Where I live, the blackberries are at their absolute prime, and it’s an embarrassment of sweet, juicy riches.

I want to make a few pies. I’ve liked what I’ve made in the past, but nothing has stood out. There are hundreds of recipes out there claimed to be the best.

What’ve we got? Extra credit for preps that gel to a Goldilocks degree and don’t run all over the plate.


Peaches should be too! Add them as this recipe is stellar…

Classic blackberry and apple pie in this house, always using this recipe which I can see originates from many years back, as it includes weights in ounces.

For 1 9" Pie
1.75# Berries
5 OZ Sugar
6-7 T Quick Cooking Tapioca or 5 T Cornstarch
4 T Butter cut into pea size pieces or grated
Pinch of Salt
1 tsp Vanilla
1/2 Lemon Juice and Zest
Nutmeg or Cinnamon
Just toss Ingredients together and place in lined Pie Plate.
Top with Lattice or vented Top Crust. If using Streusel top just before putting it in the Oven.
Chill while Oven preheats to 400F
If using Lattice or Top Crust, brush with Egg Wash and Sprinkle with Coarse Sugar, or add Streusel
Bake 50-60 Min in the bottom 1/3rd of the Oven till filling is Täubling and Crust is deep golden brown.
You may have to loosely Tent with Foil if the Crust is getting to dark
Cool fully before cutting

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Thanks. This sounds much like David Lebovitz’s blackberry apple sheet pie.

Does anyone have access to the famous NYT (Fabricant) recipe?

Is this it? (gift link, I hope)

Yes. I couldn’t surmount the paywall. We’ll see if I can now. Thank you.

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Got the full prep. Mise is ready for later today. Thanks again.


OK, pie is still in the oven…

Anyone tempted to make this recipe should up the 5 cup fruit volume by at least 2 cups, and the cornstarch proportionately. I had to hurredly pick another bowl of berries to fill a mildly deep plate.

The proof will be in the tasting…