Favorite tropical fruit?

It’s a beautiful fruit. According to Google, must be eaten ripe, and has the consistency of a boiled egg??!! If I see one tonight, will ask vender if she has one to sell that is ready to eat.

Never tried this before, seen many times in various locales. What’s the name?? Just opened it. Very sweet. Like a cluster of tiny lychee petals with a pit.


It’s one of my favourites.

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Custard apple, eh? A bit sweet and slightly slimy to me. Truth be told, my first and only was extremely ripe and Just about collapsing on itself.

Ready for some wax apples. Checked out a few sources, but haven’t pulled the trigger yet. I’m fussy about my fruit, if it ain’t pristine, I’m not buying.

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Custard apple! Used to pick them off the tree when we lived in the Bahamas.

Enjoy…they’re delicious!

Yikes, lucky you. I have fantasies of having beautiful ripe papaya and mangos at my beck and call.

Started seeing yellow dragon fruit at Chinese markets and absolutely fell in love after trying one. I still like the mild and clean flavor of a pink dragon fruit, but the yellow ones are sweet without being cloyingly so - just take a spoon and go at it. It’s too bad the price is quite high comparing to the pink ones, but hopefully with time and more availability it’ll come down a bit.

Vú Sữa- “Milky breast” fruit


Read more here

Neighbors here in FL have mango and papaya tres, along with fat Florida avocados. Am looking at planting bananas this year.

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Saw that in the “China town” here today, carrying too much stuff, will return to get it next week.

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I grew up with haas avocados, never even saw those huge florida/tropical avocados til i moved to the east coast but I can’t seem to learn to love them. Do you just eat as is or incorporate into other dishes? Maybe i’m just using them the wrong way (diced in salad, for guacamole, avocado toast…) and don’t know any better.

I use them the same as Haas…And I prefer the less oily, firmer Florida kind. They don’t mash as well, but they hold up better in salads, etc

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Not a star lover myself. Love the shape though. Any street market of any size seems to have one of these juice stands. Will have to sample at least once.

We did have a refreshing lime juice drink. I saw the vender cutting/juicing large limes, as well as a fruit that looks like a small lime (about 3/4” diameter). Anyone know the actual name of the smaller lime like fruit?

Wife claims the signage advertised lime/kumquat drink. Didn’t notice any kumquats on the cutting board, however. Gotta say, the drink was perfect for the 76 degree weather today. So refreshing, we returned for seconds.

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I’d be curious how that star fruit juice tastes - they looks so completely unblemished. In the western tropics they don’t get a lot of flavor or sweetness until they start getting brown on the edges. Hmmm curious.

Do they have something akin to a key lime in Asia? They are about that size though more yellow than green when ripe.

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I never tasted star fruit when they are brownish. I am not a big fan of them (or maybe I didn’t eat them correctly?) They are usually quite sour.

Lychees are another of my favourite tropical fruit (besides mangoes and pineapples), longans are not bad too. Love grenade. Coconuts are so good when they are fresh, the juice and the flesh. I consumed a lot when travelling in SE Asia.

I never tried fresh Chinese or Japanese bay berries, only in cans, but they were quite good.

Note that it is in fact “strings” that constitue the fruit.

At home now, I have some persimmons, very soft and sweet when ripe.

Among the tropical fruits, I never understand dragon fruits, they are very graphic and pretty, but taste wise, they are bland.


Passion fruit. Love it in anything. Rarely seen in the northeast and usually not pristine. Years ago, living on boats in the West Indies, I would buy bottles (recycled liquor bottles) of freshly squeezed passion fruit juice. Delicious. Wonder why the flavor is not more popular.

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Love it in dessert, I guess they are like lemon, you can’t eat them in high dose. Actually I have 3 in the fridge right now.

Philippines has a fruit called Calamansi ( Kalamansi) which is almost like a key lime.I The tree is small, ornamental, the fruit starts out as green, turns yellow. It is used like a lemonade with sugar added as it is sour, often for seasoning fish, fowl and pork, . Mixed with soy sauce and pepper , garlic as a dip for spring rolls etc. It can be grown in the East Coast as an ornamental tropical plant but has to be brought indoor for the winter months. One can find soy sauce that is mixed with calamansi juice in the Asian Grocery Stores.


Just looked for a picture, I think I saw them on my trip, not sure if I have ever tasted them.

“fruit called Calamansi ( Kalamansi) which is almost like a key lime.”

That’s it!! I’ve seen seen them squeezed on food on various travel food videos. Just could not dredge up the name.

Google confirms that Kalamansi are also sometimes referred to as cumquat, which explains the signage. Must drink more before we hop on the bullet train to Taipei Friday.